Avania is a planet in another dimension, a parallel world to our own, set in a fantasy that is crossed over by science-fi themes. You start playing the game in the land of King Rothan, who is the leader of all Avanian’s (native citizens of Avania). He will begin by asking you to join the fight against the Androids who have been programmed to create a perfect world. The only way the android can complete that ultimate programmed purpose is to eliminate all living things.
You play as an avatar called “Aether” that you can customize (to start with this will be limited, but the options will grow as the game evolves), and your Aether is the master of the “Guardians” who fight the “Androids”, who are basically the in-game objectives. You can also fight with another Aether in Arena mode.
“Nexus” is the main in-game item that comes in the form of NFT (a digital verified and public proof of ownership for in-game items). You can use it to earn NOVA, our in-game currency, by defeating the androids or other players because Nexus gives you the ability to summon the guardians.