Business Model


In 2021, The 'Play-to-Earn' trend become extremely popular. Unfortunately, all blockchain games are blamed to be Ponzi Scheme.
For many reasons, players need to have at least one NFT to participate in most of the blockchain games. Moreover, only the current player can supply it to a new player.
In addition, the blockchain game has a high liquidity function as it involves cryptocurrency.
Even if the game creator doesn't intend to create it as a Ponzi tool, the model enables the player to make it become a Ponzi tool anyway.
If the player can't really earn money from another model except supplying the in-game item to a new player, the game can't refuse that it is not a Ponzi tool even the creator is not intended to.


Avania team has a strong intention to make Avania become more than a game. We invest a lot to make it entertainment rather than just a game.
We will provide many types of media to make people can really enjoy the game even if they are not playing.
We will invent other kinds of games rather than digital games such as board games. So Avania can involve in your life even if you are offline.
We will create a strong community, then we will reach other types of income sources such as advertising companies. We will use that income to buy back the player's productivity.
Nobody will be able to use our game as a Ponzi tool any longer because players can 'Play-to-Earn' from other sources rather than new players spending.
Last modified 2yr ago