Fair Play Studios

About Fair Play Studios

FairPlay Studios started as a small group of like-minded individuals with a passion for gaming. Just like everybody else – they are people with a dream, and their dream derives from our core as gamers. Today they have grown from a 6 man team to a 17 strong studio.
At FairPlay Studios they strive to become the very best in their field. They create games and entertainment products with innovation, painstaking attention to detail and the highest commitment to quality.
FairPlay Studios is more than a gaming developer made by gamers for gamers. They truly dream to become frontrunners of the industry though our commitment to wholly dedicating themselves to unearthing new customer experiences. They pride themselves as innovative developers, professionals, and above all else gamers who are in the never- ending pursuit of happiness, which makes your happiness the very core of their company.
Their projects reflect the hardcore gamers in each of their team members. They look to create games where they themselves as gamers would love to play.

Produced by Fair Play Studios

Fair Play Studios help Avania team produce Avania game in the first stage, battle card game.