Unique-Team NFT

Can't be altered, Can't be duplicated.
NFTs concept has been widely used in the Gamfi platform(Game + Decentralized Finance). But its uniqueness hasn't fully applied to any games.
For example, you can still see the same monster NFT which duplicates all skills or attributes from another monster NFT in all monster games. Therefore, it isn't unique, it is just a different object with all the same characteristics.
Therefore, we enhance Avania with the real function of NFT which each NFT will be totally different from the other.
The main game NFT, nexus, will be a combination of 5 guardians out of 64 first-generation guardians which cannot be altered. This method creates more than 7,000,000 combinations in the very first generation. The number will become double every time we add 1 single type of new generation guardian into the pool.
We guarantee that each nexus will have no duplication of combination. Therefore, each NFT is really unique and it will create value for each nexus.
Let's imagine, you have a nexus which nobody could have the same. It can be possibly become most valuable one day because it is essentially exclusive.