Let's enjoy Metaverse along with your favorite guardians in Avania


Players represent Aethers. By using Nexus, a player can travel to the Avania.
Avania is another world full of mysteries.
An ancient tale told us only this world is created by a mystery man. He has taught our ancestors about how to craft Nexus and use it to transform themselves into Aether and teleport to Avania.
Humans knew how to enter this world before the first pyramid was built, but the way of doing it is kept secret until today.
For thousands of years, our ancestors entered Avania to protect us from the Android, an evil species that wants to conquer every single world to fulfill its ultimate goal.
All androids are controlled by an AI, named Deleta. It has hyper technology to transport into any world, unlike humans which are able to enter Avania only by using their Nexus.
As we know, AI is firstly created on purpose to help its creator build a perfect world. But as they learned, no species in the world can do that without sacrifice.
Therefore, AI plans to delete all other species from every single world and build a perfect world from its own creation to fulfill its creator’s will.
Each Nexus is normally bonded with 5 unique guardians.
Guardians are the main power that Aether uses to overcome Android. Guardians are the ancient living that has been trapped in Nexus. Only the mana from Aether can bring them out for a period of time.
NOVA is the purest energy we can find in Avania. It is a common resource we consume in Avania instead of food. We also use NOVA in Nexus Awaken rite.


In 2018, the play-to-earn concept was introduced by Mavis Hub, the inventor of Axie Infinity. It is a very good concept that helps people survive economic crises during the COVID pandemic.
But there are not many games that exist as a choice for this great concept. Therefore, It inspired us to create Avania to help people increase their income stream. Moreover, we want to build a gamer’s game that people can enjoy and gain reasonable rewards while playing it.
We know that communities have many pain points playing some game that already exists in the market. Therefore, we are building a game trying to solve those pain points for them.
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